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Which Show You Are Going To VISIT?

WUHAN (Mar 21-23)
QINGDAO (Mar 29-31)
ZHENGZHOU (Apr 13-15)
KUNMING (May 29-31)
BEIJING (Jun 17-19)
KOREA (May 09-11)
MALAYSIA (May 12-15)
BANGKOK (July 11-13)

1. Nature of Business

  —Beauty Salons —Pharmacies —Beauty Academies
  —Distributors —Fitness Centers/Clubs —Supermarkets
  —Hair Salons —Aesthetic Clinics —Hotels
  —Wholesalers —Importers —Government Agencies
  —Cosmetic shops —Nail Salons —Others (please specify)
  —OEM/ODM —Online Shops  
  —Department stores —Manufacturers  

2. Which best describes your job title

  —Senior Management (CEO/Director/President/GM) —Marketing Manager
  —Sales/ Business Development Manager —Spa Owner/ Spa
  —Procurement & Purchasing Manager —Beauty Salon Owner
  —Hair Salon Owner —Beauty Instructor
  —Aesthetic Doctor/ Surgeon —Others (please specify)

3. My company is interested in

  —Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene —Packaging —Ingredients
  —Baby Care —Spa and Wellness Products —OEM/ODM
  —Color Cosmetics —Oral Beauty Others (please specify)
  —Hair Products —Fragrances  
  —Eyelash and Tattoo —Skincare Products  
  —Beauty Salon and Aesthetic Equipment —Salon Supplies and Furnishings  
  —Nails —Dietary Supplements  

4. Please indicate your preferred means of communication with us?

  —Email —SMS —Post —Telephone —Others

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